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Why A Print Medium As Anchor

It’s the best way to cut through clutter of today’s digital information overload…

Magazines are invited into Homes. Consumers expect and accept magazine advertising because it aligns with their passions. Print magazines are #1 in reaching affluent, influential consumers in more categories than all other media combined

In today’s crowded digital advertising landscape, consumer attention is a much sought-after currency. No one pays attention anymore.

And it’s no wonder. According to Google, 81 percent of consumers use multiple devices simultaneously. 

Dwell time on ads according to Lumen’s research is on average 1.5 seconds on desktop, 1.25 seconds on mobile,  1.72  seconds on static OOH and 1.56 on DOOH. 

So, how do you capture people’s attention and imagination for as long as possible?

Magazines can do that more effectively.

Neuroscience Proves Magazines Work

Interacting with physical material involves more emotional processing, which is important for memory and brand associations, leaving a deeper footprint in the brain.

Pros of paper-based reading…

  • Higher comprehension and recall
  • Preferred by majority (even Millennials)
  • More focused attention, less distraction
  • Drives sensory involvement, which contributes to reader impact
  • Slower reading speeds
  • Stimulates emotions and desires

Printed mags offer a unique kind of appeal…

It brings a sense of purpose, (why the content is important to know about), delivered in a visually compelling way (clear, succinct, attractive, uncluttered), with the ability to connect directly with readers (knowledge they can use), in a more intimate manner than digital media allows and without any disruptions.

Audiences only receive what’s most pertinent to them, without getting distracted with content that has no interest to their objectives.

More focussed attention

Unlike the infinite streams of digital, social media or blogs, in which the one thing instantly links to the next thing constantly presented: click here, read this next… where a sense of closure always evades you…

A printed mag presents a complete and finite package. Meaning it has an end, psychologically giving the reader a sense of satisfying accomplishment, which is absent nowadays from most online media consumption.

On digital, social media or blogs, it feels like information is never ending, and readers quickly feel overwhelmed and simply parazyded with indecision, due to the many options abound, and never get to act on a CTA, thinking, just maybe, there’s something better with the next click.

Magazines provide the steak with the sizzle…

With the advent of new technologies a print ad with certain QR codes can quickly link to a certain landing page or online asset which gives readers best of both worlds.

Printed mag subscriptions and Editorial focused emails are opt-in, and subscribers tend to be loyalists, which make them an attractive medium for advertisers and sponsors like you.

Direct is still powerful and a novelty in a digital environment

Direct mail (sending out printed publication via direct, snail mail) is still one of the most effective marketing channels for generating new interest, brand awareness, and creating new business opportunity through pinpoint target marketing to specific demographics.

For every $167 spent on direct mail in the US, marketers sell $2095 in products and services.

39% of consumers say they try a business for the first time as a result of direct mail.

44% of customers visit a brand’s website after receiving direct mail marketing

The publisher provides an integrated marketing solution

That maximizes the impact of the direct mail publication, combining it with online distribution and marketing to enhance the overall results of content reach.

The Social Media Follow-Up via a dedicated Facebook Page, and video on YouTube, ensures that advertisers’ messages and the content truly achieve maximum exposure to target audiences..