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Determine your ‘concept of self’ and all that supports it…

Because there’s no other pathway to sustained success.

It may seem odd to you that RD would engage in personal wellbeing consulting …

But because of years of dealing with people in various scenarios professionally as consultant, and with consumer behaviour research, it’s apparent that all people deal with the same issues daily.

And from this interactive experiences, RD noticed a need for better options and direction in people’s lives, no matter the status, social standing or profession.

Heath, fitness, longevity, beauty and wellbeing are all high up on RD’s value ladder and a huge personal interest, that’s why RD also consults on these topics.

After all – no one can perform optimally without these underlying or foundational factors.

Gain Clarity About What You Want and How To Get It.

Improve Self-Confidence | Achieve Goals | Overcome Obstacles | Learn New Skills | Make Dramatic Shifts | Change The Game

Most likely, just like you, everyone wants a long, happy, healthy life with an abundance of energy and vitality, free from any disorders with the ability to perform optimally at work and at leisure, while being emotionally balanced, successful in all types of relationships, and without any financial constraints.

At its core, feelings of wellbeing starts with a healthy self-concept, the ‘self-ideal’ when taking an ethical stance and view of the wider world in which to reflect who you really are. 

It further indicates your interests, opinions, attitudes, way of life, behaviours, and behavioural orientations, personal values and beliefs, preferences, and world views.

Each individual exists, perceives, experiences, thinks, and acts in and through his/her own body within a specific environment, and therefore form unique points in time and space.

It’s thus only you who have the capacity for original and creative rationality and thought when wanting to create a wellbeing lifestyle ideal for yourself – which will then ultimately lead to the foundations for happiness.

Your happiness level is typically defined as the positive, conscious emotional experiences that accompany, or derive from, the use of your immediate (in the moment) potentialities, talents, capabilities, virtues and preferences…

But more importantly… happiness, wellbeing and fulfillment also directly derive from your immediate environment (home setting, workplace settings, intimate spaces) and interaction with yourself (and closely related others) in these spaces.

Stimulating a more creative approach towards self (self-concept + personal growth + development + self-actualisation) – your wellbeing (happy and content) and living in conducive environments (city, home and immediate spaces) are thus cornerstones for a healthy wellbeing state.

Humans have these vital components to consider for an optimised lifestyle and feelings of wellbeing:

Concept of self (the issues of who am I, what’s my purpose, my values, what do I believe in… and how I feel, emote and act upon it)

Belief barriers and blocks (your issues or beliefs that prevent you from living the life you want or from enjoying it)

Beauty as in looking and feeling good (your appearance: self-presentation, grooming, aesthetics, personal styling, recovery therapies and self care rituals)

Health as in nutrition, movement and longevity (eliminate health problems that drag your quality of life into the gutter and shorten your lifespan)

Emotional intelligence (how to express yourself well in all scenarios with others, and controlling anger, sadness, overwhelm or coping with life’s challenges)

Behaviour (as in your actions, what comes out your mouth and how others perceive you, your identity, ethical and reputational image)

Relationships (attract, build, and maintain healthy relationships with everyone you meet – your superiors, subordinates, colleagues, peers, friends, family and your loved ones + community for a valued legacy)

Career and skills development  (having access to business resources and build inner skills that allow you to optimally perform at your career and raise your income potential)

Income streams (having systems in place that allow you to use your income streams to create security for you and family, financial freedom + wealth)

Investments + saving + wealth building management (manage it, grow it, protect it)

Surrounding spaces (having a home base that nourishes at a very deep level and work environments that optimise performance and productivity)

Learn how to optimise all these components with focus and an effective time management framework, and implement keystone habits strategies that result in flow, resilience and grit.

Easier written than executed…

Trying to be healthy and happy with an optimised lifestyle, while having to consider also the needs of closely others living with you in a partnership, love, marriage or working environments and in all types of business scenario relationships…. can become extremely intricate and complex when you just try to be yourself.

Which self? 

As you have so many different roles to play and in each, you may lose the true authentic self.

Over time this conflict takes its toll on your wellbeing, negatively affecting body, mind, spirit, creating more stress and tension which may lead to illness and chronic disease.

Here’s RD’s approach.

  1. First we (you and me) determine your concept of self and all its constituents 
  2. From this baseline we craft your prescription of how you would proceed into achieving what you want or desire – it could be anything in your life, career or personal.

The greatness of your actions, success and accomplishments, will then depend on your understanding and application of these underlying current, beliefs and principles required for what it is you want – or need to be.

Meaning, the principles are different for each achievement you want.

So what is it that you want? 

Actually, never mind in answering that right now – it’s complicated… 

As the famous Henry Ford said… “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” 

Maybe you don’t know what you want, right now… 

But just like Ford, I can help you deliver your most innovative horsepower in new and surprising ways, using creative strategies to do it.