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Exploring effective methodologies and approaches to delivering the best customer experience…

As the late Steve Jobs famously said, “You have to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way round.”

This statement should become a mantra for any industry. Having used Apple products ever since they appeared on the scene, I’ve been indoctrinated into his thinking.

Having watched the market for over 30 years, it seems that most industries’ strategy has been the exact opposite of Apple’s – the fundamentals of ‘the perfect customer journey’, totally forgotten as marketers became too focused on selling products and services, whilst failing to explain why and how customers should engage, and almost never serve them in the way they wish or deserve.

Watching closely how marketing and communications evolved from offline to online, digital and mobile, where consumers are now bombarded with sales messages from everywhere – instead of still not being served the way they should be… I’m determined to disrupt this trap, or rut if you will.

The world is at an interesting crossroad, where the typical customer is changing, some of the most loyal customers are leaving and the wide range of potential customers struggling to understand what companies are really offering, and when they eventually do engage, they dissatisfied with the poor service delivery.

RD now questions the way companies market products and services and challenge them to rethink, strategise and come up with ways that will mutually benefit everyone in a less cluttered environment and more personlised approaches.

Conceptualizing and developing the most Perfect Customer Journey for your brand is the start.

But it will involve slightly more than that.

RD is in stages of building a series of topics, workshops and keynotes that are all analysing the current customer experience, and proposing optimal ways of engaging and connecting with the customer of tomorrow.

Expect communications from owners who are investing new business models, Investors who are exploring ways of re-building the market, and Innovators who are reinventing Customer Journeys and asking:

How can we ensure every customer is always enjoying the journey on and offline, and as a result, becoming ambassadors to the wider community?

Starting with your service employees:

If someone’s heart is not in it [dealing with customers] the experience which a guest, client or customer is looking for, simply won’t be there. It sounds obvious, and yet still it’s not being done.

One of the fundamental problems in the market is the lack of personnel training. If there’s no willingness to develop the people, then they are going to go somewhere else and find it [fulfillment, growth and development and better pay]