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Managing Teams…

As manager of all types of projects, incl sales, marketing, communications, and content production…

RD recruits, trains, coaches, organises, supervises, oversees and manages teams, assisting them to perform their daily activities at high performance levels in so to reach set target successfully with well-developed strategies.

RD sets clear visions and goals with a detailed plan to achieve them, and implements personal (individualised) motivation and performance measures (as each team member requires different motivation linked to their own values) all of which to ensure focus and engagement.

With excellent mentoring, coaching and people management skills, RD delivers business goals  and visions with high ethics and morals, and great teamwork.

Expert Partners + Service Providers With Broad Sector Expertise For Bigger Projects

With a background that spans widely across prime sectors of the economy RD has the skills to communicate various topics, subjects and issues with authority and passion to ensure the contracted team is clear on briefs and know exactly what to do.

This means that teams can understand the needs of even the most niche technical applications, and turn them into clear, actionable processes.

In doing this, RD follows the the Joy’s Law in operations, meaning: Creating an ecology that gets the smartest people on the subject for your goals. As the saying goes… “If you rely solely on your own employees, you’ll never solve all your customers’ needs. Even if you get the best and the brightest to work for you, there will always be an infinite number of other, smarter people employed by others.”

That’s why RD does not employ anyone, but rather use expert sub-contractors and individuals in each aspect of the project for the best possible outcomes.

Strategic partners for each project are chosen for their expertise assets that will enhance success and build strong relationships to achieve long-term “win-win” benefits and innovation based on mutually desired outcomes.

This enables RD to always be on top of all operations with time left to concentrate efforts on the hot touch points for successful execution of any project.