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Product Development Refers To…

Product development typically refers to all of the stages involved in bringing a product from concept or idea, through to market release and marketing – meaning the product’s entire journey.

Consumer Product Concept Design

All great inventions started with an idea. 

Product Concept design is a vital phase in product development that includes technology, styling, usability and user experience.

RD starts the conceptual design’s creation, incorporating many ideas for the product development and explores the boundaries of the product’s possibilities. Establish what works and what doesn’t and considers what best fits the product and appeal to the target market.

Concept design services help select the best ideas with visuals and specifications for technical and commercial valuation, then move forward for design development.

The product concept is the starting point for a new product. A lot of time and efforts must be put in at this stage. Because this is the foundation of your product.

  • MVP + Proof Of Concept Pop Up
  • Evaluation + Change
  • Market Launch
  • Turn Existing Offering Into A Premium Or Luxury One

RD’s processes include:

  • Concept Design in association with the company or business
  • A complete development strategy is outlined to ensure the product meet customers’ needs and wants, is so good it will sell itself, survive in a highly competitive market, and be sustainable in the long run
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) + Proof Of Concept Pop Up Event or Practise Run
  • Evaluation + Change
  • Market Launch Campaign

The same process is deployed when you want to turn an ordinary product into a premium or luxury one

From initial market research through financial feasibility analysis, RD assists with the development of reformulated and enhanced business plans, prospectus documents and fact sheets to make investing opportunities as competitive as possible.