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You, know that saying: behind every man (or woman) is a…. support system…

At the age of 53, I actually just want to sit in a very comfortable chair, admiring the vast, open and uncluttered landscapes through the window, drink red wine next to a crackling fire, and chat with like minded individuals about what we’ve learned about life, work, love, world issues, the next great extinction, and where evolution and Elon Musk will eventually take humanity… 

And then, maybe later when I’m alone, just do a web search on what’s new, what I should know, or delve into a fantasy fiction to live in another new world with the mother of dragons…

But truthfully, this does not really put bread on the table.

Or can it? 

Why not? 

As a loyal, solid support structure to whatever it is you do, or want to do, change or achieve.

With a reputable 30-year background in Business Management, Leadership, Public Relations, Marketing, Communications, Journalism, Publishing, Producing, Product Development and Content Direction, I have grown in tandem with rapidly changing times, to stay relevant in various sectors of the economy, with a plethora of pertinent skills learnt along the way… skills you may need too.

I think it’s safe to say, I’ve learned a lot. I know a lot. And totally proficient in providing advice on thought leadership, ethics, morals, image, reputation, authenticity, congruency, self-management, self-confidence, relationships, courage, influence, strategy and strategic thinking (my specialty)…

So here’s what I think you should know…

Success is not a hit and miss affair… it’s a science. 

What causes mankind to sail unknown seas, to build beautiful and great cities, to design and implement innovative new systems, to stride megasteps in achievement such as going to Mars?

Two things quickly come to mind: self-assuredness and a plan. 

Confidence is the key to all achievement. It reinforces ability, doubles energy, expands mental capacities and increases personal power. Confidence is the most important quality for leadership, to take charge of your own life and get what you want in business, career and life in general. 

You know this I’m sure, everybody knows a wholesome self-image is vital for success. 

But the successful navigation through today’s competitiveness and many demands, requires a constant and methodical scientific process that’s sustainable – and most people’s self-confidence waver quickly in unchartered waters.

And to walk the path of champions, today’s achiever needs to be crystal clear on what they’re all about – and need to have the principles, skills, methods and techniques to get results.

The greatness of your actions and accomplishments, or your actual outcomes, depend on your understanding and application of the underlying beliefs and principles required for what it is you want – or need to be.

Meaning, the principles are different for each achievement you want.

So what is it that you want? 

Actually, never mind in answering that… as the famous Henry Ford said… “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” 

Maybe you don’t know what you want. 

But like Ford, I can help you deliver your most innovative horsepower in new and surprising ways, using creative strategies to do it.

What I want is…

To drink red wine at the fireplace, and be a brilliant support for you, the one in the running to make it.

Why me?

Apart from the fact that I make excellent conversation and listen well, I’m not going to jot down a list of my expertise to convince you that I am the most suitable, I’m only going to say this:

I work with deep morals and ethics, value a good image and reputation. I have fixed values, beliefs and principles – and know the insights upon which to build future excellence, legacy, profit and sustainability.

I quickly sort through the clutter and find the best route for any project with strategic thought. Being strategic is not a skill that can be taught. It’s a distinct way of thinking, a special perspective on the world at large which is what makes me a perfect support system.

My intuitive, and immediate procedural approach, let me see patterns and designs where others simply see complexity. Mindful of these patterns, I compare alternative scenarios to find the best way – taking on an integral approach to every task, and removing obstacles or potential issues before they appear – always making the right selections toward realising the vision.

Every business or individual I’ve ever worked with, no matter how sophisticated, famous, successful or fully functional, had something they needed to change or add to their strategy – simply because people, trends, preferences, innovation, information, markets and technology change so fast.