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As a good organiser RD is motivated by a strong sense of justice and clear principles.

RD is responsible, honest, and compassionate. confident, even courageous.

Organizers like RD are:

  • Good listeners
  • Bring people together, welcoming new co-workers on the job and looking for ways to involve every member
  • Move people to collective action
  • Don’t just solve problems alone, equip others to solve problems together
  • Put the interests of the group first, respect group decisions as long as it meets business objectives and promise results.
  • RD stays cool under pressure and handle stress and conflict well.
  • Willing to stand up to management if a better way is visualised
  • And can inspire others to stand up for themselves as well
  1. Reliable
  2. Co-operative
  3. Independent
  4. Communicates Clearly
  5. Realistic
  6. Ambitious
  7. Secure
  8. Growing