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Marketing is simply delivering information with a certain type of method (content) via certain channels (platforms) that best reach target markets to consume it – and eventually feeling compelled to act on it.

You need to present these offerings often, in various mediums, and in different markets to be able to remain globally competitive and increase profits.

RD develops a step by step, solid marketing strategy followed by an implementation schedule, where all the tools work together to serve one major goal: business development and increase profits.

Using a catalyst (the bold and powerful statements that indicate what a company stands for, where they are going, and what matters to customers and employees), RD strips away distractions and hone in on what matters most – incorporating long-term brand commitment that exemplify a company’s purpose and strategy.

Online Marketing

Online marketing  – Advertising media buying and optimisation.

RD aims to build long-term partnerships and place clients’ ROI objectives at the heart of each marketing project.

  • Google Paid Search (Adwords + Banners)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Performing an online search before making a purchase has become second nature to many shoppers. SEO acts as the gateway to the web, and advertisers must be willing to invest in it to capture a broad range of free and qualified traffic. SEO permeates all the stages of a site’s lifecycle: its creation, redesigns, new product pages, navigation optimisation, content creation.

  • Paid Social (Facebook + Instagram + Twitter)

Social networks have become inseparable from the lives of online users and act as powerful influencing forces. Each network has its particular strength. The goals of advertising on social networks may vary, from building the brand’s image, increasing visibility to generate traffic, engaging with a user community, supporting a promotional campaign.

  • Programmatic Buying

The use of programmatic buying is exploding and represents an ever-increasing share of display media purchases. The maturity of the underlying technologies, and the spread of data management platforms make it possible to reach well defined targets effectively and on a large scale, across all devices. Many advertisers have been seduced by the promise of real-time ad generation to personalise their messages and reach each individual at the most propitious time.