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Monitoring + Analytics + Reporting

You can collect all the data in the world, but it will be useless if it’s not relevant to your business and your objectives.

This is why it’s important to co-create your strategies as far in advance as possible.

  • The first stage consists of defining your business goals, such as acquiring new customers or increasing your sales revenue.
  • Based on that, we identify operational objectives and the KPIs that will allow us to measure how close you are to reaching those objectives.

Objectives + KPA + KPI

  • Set KPI Areas – Establish Benchmarks (KPI) + What Would Make This A Success
  • Objectives – Objectives Tied To Broader Business Goals


For Strategies That Drive Greatest Business Impact + Overall Strategic Experimentation

Monitor + Measure

  • Monitor – Company Feedback + Media Mentions + Supply Chain Feedback
  • Measure – Quantify Event/Project Experience + Media Exposure Received

Analyse + Report

  • Analyse – Honestly Objectively Evaluate Event/Project + Work
  • Report – Balanced Scorecard + Final Assessment Of Success + Mistakes + Overall Impact

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence Reporting

  • Provide market intelligence to inform business growth strategies
  • Provide market intelligence on new market and communications strategies and assess effectiveness of the communication messages
  • Highlight specific issues relevant to brand or company to action
  • Highlight specific issues that can affect corporate and brand reputation
  • Show market sentiment
  • Customer behaviour, customer opinions and requirements, customer grievances Show where strengths and weaknesses are communications strategy
  • Identify new business opportunities and ideas
  • Save time by ignoring irrelevant functions and improve productivity of PR staff
  • Solve problems pertaining to your business and hence expand your horizons, making scope for more business opportunities.
  • Extracting data into a structured format helps bring ideas and resources together and interconnects people, practices, and customers to build knowledge.
  • Identify Best Opportunities For Future Growth