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Traditional Media Trips

This means to get some journalist to cover a story about your establishment – in essence a function of public relations…

For Tourist Destinations…

Coverage from media trips, is one of the most effective ways to promote your destination, place or establishment.

Although the media landscape has changed a lot in recent years, there’s great interest in well-organised press trips that offer one or several stories for publication. 

RD Media Trips connect individual journalists, bloggers, photographers and videographers with the sponsors and destination locals, and offer creative opportunities for face-to-face engagement, creative content development, and igniting awareness. 

Press trips are the media counterpart to Fam Trips offered to travel agents. A Media Trip is a totally different concept and approach as writers and journalist are far more interested in the work and the stories than just to be wined and dined or play. Instead, they far more interested to cover what stories exist in a specific place.

For this reason, a media trip requires far more planning and strategy to ensure that everyone equally benefits, maybe not immediately evident, but which will become transparent over time as their stories are published and shared.

Media Trips should always be about value, authenticity and win-win for everybody, provide value to the brand, and provide valuable insight and information to readers about a destination experience.

Please note a media trip does not involve social media influencers during media/press trips as RD is more after quality well-produced content that tell the entire story in various forms instead of relying on hypes that may never even bring actual visitors to your door.

If you wish to use influencers though, RD can arrange such.

Press trips are structured and provide journalists with more in depth facts and data that will lead to greater stories.

RD organises the entire media trip and engagement strategy – and helps you formulate the messages and content you would like journalists to write about.

We’re dealing here with professionals who can actually write a good story, have experience in drafting quality content and know how to bring out the essence of your offering.

With RD’s expertise in journalism, she knows exactly what journalists look for to compile a story and provide them with the facts and figures they would need to create a compelling, influential and interesting story that will lure in more visitors.

The sponsor (business entity) invests time and money to bring a journalist to their location, which after the journalist is expected to – if a freelancer, sell the stories to newspapers, magazines, or other media, and if employed by a media house, feature the story in its publications.

In association with RD, the sponsor arranges the itinerary along with meals, accommodations, and the schedule.

Unless the journalist lives nearby, s/he is usually flown to the destination. The sponsor then shows the journalist the different attractions in the area that they hope to promote.

The journalists RD involves are carefully selected according to their expertise so they are able to write a story, capture photographs and video suitable for all mediums.