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Project Director | Content Director | Editor In Chief

Rizél Delano – An Independent Project Director, Researcher, Journalist, Publicist, Consultant, Content Producer And Publisher, With Over 30 Years Experience 

Rizel is totally proficient in corporate communications, marketing, direct selling, advertising, writing, publishing, producing, campaign management, and business development…

She also frequently acts as a brand, communication and marketing consultant, media relations and influencer facilitator, and content development specialist for various corporate entities.

Rizél is sometimes invited by several prominent organisations to host and facilitate skills training workshops on content development, communications, business strategies, film production, and digital marketing among others.

She further hosts wellness retreats for corporates and individuals – and consults with business people, entrepreneurs and executives on personal growth and career development whilst cultivating and maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle.

The past four years Rizél has travelled the world all over to further advance her expertise in various markets such as Africa, USA, Europe and Asia where she augmented her experience and expertise on Luxury Brand Management and in Guest, Customer and User Experience.

Rizel’s project teams include a wide range of experts and professionals who’s part of the supply chain when executing large projects.