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A luxury brand has a raison d’être in creativity. They add value to their products and services by offering deeper meanings and intangible values to their target audience.

Luxury has always been associated with the desire to express one’s own status, while in the past, it was envisioned through physical goods, today it is increasingly conveyed through unique experiences.

RD manages the delicate balance between creativity and business for luxury brands. Showing how a brand’s purpose and offer can fit within a broader demographic, sociological and cultural landscape.

RD investigates the emerging values attached to the concept of luxury, realising how branding is science and art, logic and emotions.

RD recognises customer individual behaviours and social patterns, and uncovers powerful insights to support luxury brands in developing strong point of views, meaningful values, strong emotional connections, through engaging and memorable experiences.

RD are professionals who can meet the expectations of the brand’s vision while promoting it effectively to a targeted customer base. Aside from possessing a good grasp of marketing, management and production skills, RD understands and adapts promotional techniques that suit the goals of luxury brand businesses.

RD employs customised approaches that include product mix and exclusive deals to attract customers.

Smaller brands seek someone who can help them break into new categories for consumption and increase their distribution footprint.

Regardless of the setting, RD expects to perform some or all of the following activities in a given business day:

  • Conduct market research for target products
  • Oversee and organizing multimedia advertising campaigns
  • Contribute to product and distribution plans
  • Address and manage brand budgeting and resources
  • Consult with outside agencies, promotional representatives and corporate executives
  • Collaborate with brand designers and creators
  • Supervise marketing staff and assignments

That’s why RD is proficient in:

  • Consumer psychology
  • Luxury brand management
  • Fashion marketing and production
  • Brand strategies and promotion techniques
  • Contemporary luxury trends and future outlooks
  • Product innovation and creative marketing platforms

Most importantly, to engage consumers a luxury brand needs to understand its culture and that of its consumer. If the product doesn’t address a person’s cultural heritage, it will not prosper as a brand.