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Connecting content creators, media and influencers with brands…

As a brands you have your own mediums on which is easy to create awareness.

But the challenge had always been having someone else talking about your brand.

Traditionally this is called building a reputable business image through word of mouth and involves all stakeholders – customers, supply chain, investors, shareholders, media, influencers, and employees – also referred to as reputation management.

A key influencer is an individual who uses their social status to promote a passion, business, product or service. They can tap into the audiences that you have not yet been able to reach, which can help drive leads towards your business and bring with it engagement and profit.

Influencer marketing content delivers 11X higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing.
Burst Media discovered that influencer marketing campaigns returned an average ROI of almost 700%. When Launchmetrics surveyed 600+ marketers, results showed that 81% considered influencer engagement to be effective or very effective.

The original form of influencer marketing began with celebrity endorsements, but nowadays, all people have the potential to become popular and influential if they have a powerful and engaged social media following.


Influencing the Influencers Marketing Campaigns 
RD involves the exact individuals who are passionate about the industry your business resides within. These key influencers get the opportunity to experience your branded product or service firsthand (and potentially even become brand advocates).

They share their experience with their fans and followers through their channels using text, photos and videos. When done right, their followers also decide to try out the product for themselves, and potentially spread the word.

The important thing is that RD only involves the people who are respected for their opinion – they are a trusted authorities who add value with the content they create and share – and in turn will represent your brand appropriately, respectfully and reputably.

The ‘3Rs of influencers’ apply:

  • Reach (Audience size)
  • Resonance (Engagement power with audience)
  • Relevance (Contextual fit)

Often it’s natural, to start by using Reach, but although many ‘A list’ influencers may have good reach, they don’t offer relevance to your brand essence. That’s why we do a more thorough audit to find those who will portray your brand reputation and brand messages the most accurately.

Influencer experiential marketing can help brands build trust, authenticity, awareness and helps generate more business leads over time. Your marketing spent thus has greater value when spent on influencers.