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Guest, Customer and User Experience Analyst and Advisor.

A Guest, Customer Service and User Experience Analyst like RD analyses a customer service department’s operations and provides recommendations on ways to improve productivity and customer satisfaction levels.

Using various data such as customer satisfaction reports, surveys and complaint logs, RD is able to develop strategies and techniques to enhance the service department’s effectiveness.

Specific duties in this role vary, depending on the type of organisation and its needs.

There are, some common primary duties most Analysts perform such as:

Research and Analyses – gathering data, make observations and investigate market trends and deliver intelligent analyses reports for organisations to get a clear picture of the department’s operations and ways to improve it. Sometimes the focus is on customer service experience, while other times it’s to improve a company’s profit margins and sales. 

Develop Strategies – Once research has been done and analysis delivered, RD provides the department with process or improvement strategies – working closely with subject matter experts, marketing teams or management to develop and implement plans.

Facilitates decision making in upper management –  Basically this happens twice: once to bring the alternatives of the issue to the attention of someone in authority who can make the decision, and then a second time to assist the decision maker in making an actual decision. 

Train Employees – Train employees in new processes and strategies to help with  improvement initiatives, ways to improve customer satisfaction, or train sales teams on ways to produce larger profits – and managers and supervisors on ways to best handle customer dissatisfaction and methods to resolve issues.

Design your customer experience with RD

RD fully understands the value of customer experiences and works with you to ensure flawless execution of critical transactions that build brand loyalty.

RD analyses the current customer experience and derives an action plan to help you bridge the gap between what your brand promises and what it delivers.

RD gets the big-picture view of the entire customer experience – starting by mapping each customer touch-point end-to-end, attaching key metrics to each step so to identify issues and disconnects for you, the brand or company and the customer.

Once it’s clear where the pain points are, RD develops an action plan to improve customer experience and ensures that your brand delivers on all its promise PLUS enable you to give far more value than promised.

RD makes recommendations to align each customer touch-point with your brand values and ethos – and business objectives.  This may involve gleaning customer insights from existing information or creating and executing new research to test processes and gather the specific customer feedback you require.

Customer Touch Point Journey Mapping

The Customer Journey is the process every buyer goes through leading up to a purchase.

This happens every time, with every purchase no matter if buying something as small as lunch or as large and expensive as a trip around the world cruise.

Customer journey mapping – allow you to understand buyer’s needs, behaviour, research, decision making process, buying criteria and more. This information can then be used in marketing and sales to help guide prospective customers through the journey to becoming buying customers.

Customer Journey mapping puts you in control

If you don’t know how your customers make their decisions then you cannot be there to help guide them and, chances are, they will buy from someone who does know and who is there to help.

This day and age, with all the advances available in marketing automation, the decision is simple. Either you map out a CustomerJourney and guide your customers, or you lose them to a competitor who does.

Loyalty Programs

To encourage customers to continue to shop at or use the services of businesses associated with each program.

These programs exist covering most types of commerce, each one having varying features and rewardsschemes.