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Engagement Policy

Project Initiation

The first visit and consult is without charge or obligation. This gives an opportunity to fully understand clients’ needs and to make assessments of how RD would undertake the project. An important part of the first visit is to explore policies and issues to fully understand the underlying causes.


The first consult is followed up by a proposal, setting out RD’s understanding of the objectives of the project, the steps to take, estimated time-frames, costs and proposed starting and completion dates. The proposal highlights how RD will get to the real issues fast, deliver practical recommendations, and highlights capabilities of clients to fully participate in the process.


Takes an overall, independent, and fact-based view of the project’s performance requirements (KPA + KPI), relying on scientific facts that provide clarity and align people, processes and systems. The project is broken down into stages to enable clients to assess and measure progress. RD will never undertake projects unless confident and certain of completing them successfully.

Use A Network Of Specialists To Deliver The Best

Where needed, wherever the project requires it, RD draws on an extended network of professional expertise to bring together the right minds for the right solutions, relying on multiple professionals and experts to provide solutions with professional interactions and conduct to deliver on high performance standards.

Regardless of the number of project managers, size, structure or complexity of the project, accountability for the venture’s success rests mainly on the shoulders of RD.

Build Capabilities And Networks To Sustain Improvement

Builds and trains internal (client’s world) support structures, and who will lead the project to ensure sustainability when RD’s involvement came to fruition.

Build Enduring Relationships Based On ...

Earns clients’ trust through consistent superior service, discreet, professional, moral and ethical conduct, extensive and specialist knowledge and complete commitment.

RD’s Morals, Ethics and Reputation

RD always ensures that delivered work reflects the client’s mission and vision, but does not ever compromise on own core values, beliefs, morals, ethics and reputation. This is the basis for building a shared vision and understanding, essential to RD’s independence and integrity.

Independence Non-negotiable

Projects are executed by a group of contracted professionals and experts, therefore independence is central to the roles involved. Integrity and independence are fundamental to achieving missions and providing real value to clients. RD thus expects clients to give independence without unnecessary interference to execute the professional functions she was hired to do.

Brute Honesty And Transparency

RD reports the truth as observed (no matter how hard it is to hear or endure) based on extensive research, investigations and human behaviour psychology. RD stays independent and able to disagree (sometimes in healthy debate), regardless of the popularity (or criticism) of views or their effect on outcome of project or fees. Meaning, the process may sometimes get messy and heated, but the outcome is always promised to be a success.

Courage And Determination

RD displays the courage to invent and implement unconventional solutions to problems with practical recommendations to help clients overcome issues, or to build internal strength – whether they sometimes like it or not – the aim always remain to get tangible results. After-all, that’s what you pay for.

Only Serious Players

RD only works with individuals who are professional and genuinely serious, both in their intent and in their capacity to work with all stakeholders, and in obtaining the success, performance, change or resolution they seek – whatever it takes.

Confidentiality And Discretion

Everything disclosed in sessions is kept in the strictest confidence unless 1) a client’s requests disclosure to certain people indicated, or 2) discuss something which places a legal or ethical obligation on RD to disclose it.

RD never reveals sensitive information to outside parties. Works with many companies and individuals who are well known, but do not flaunt, name drop or brag about an extensive client portfolio.

All work done is sensitive to client privacy, intellectual property and remain undisclosed, therefore RD places a high priority on discretion and confidentiality, and refuse to use them for testimonial, marketing or endorsing purposes.

Client feedback is always confidential but the development plan based on the feedback – are shared with relevant stakeholders, or inform project going forward.

Conflict Of Interest

If RD becomes aware of any potential conflict of interest, RD will immediately advise client to ensure an appropriate resolution.

Serving Everyone Equally

Although RD always puts the client’s interest first, delivering more value than expected, this does not mean doing whatever the client asks, but rather doing what’s best for the project, client and RD along with all stakeholders as far as possible.


Duration of projects varies, and at the end, some clients continue to meet with RD under a new agreement with different objectives.

Situations Where Either Client Or RD Will Disengage

  • Lack of buy-in from client
  • Rejection of feedback (data gets rigged by an unwillingness to participate)
  • Feelings of entitlement from client
  • Unfulfilled goals or little progress
  • Narcissism
  • Smooth talkers


Bills are based on time, on a project fee, or retainer, or value delivery, depending on a client’s needs and the project at hand. Many clients prefer the flexibility and transparency of time based billing. Others prefer the predictability of a project fee. Others would love to have someone on call 24/7 and go for a retainer option.

Cost is determined after scope of projects are reviewed, the intensity and frequency thereof. Sometimes the process can be a costly investment, but it is a good value compared to other development options, as it’s an ongoing relationship


The process is intricate, often vulnerable, sometimes difficult, and there is no scenario in which the client/projects/objective will be magically transformed. It takes time, effort and complete commitment.