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Self Educated

Everything I know, all my expertise were obtained from working with media houses and from PR companies in the industries in which I worked. I learned through trial and error and learned stuff not taught in any school, but practical experience makes the best teacher, I believe.

In addition, I learned a lot from the internet, research, online tutorials and courses to stay up to date and relevant (Coursera). That which I did not know, I researched and then had mentors and coaches in the field who helped me gain valuable knowledge and expertise.

Over the years being exposed to many people, approaches, situations, projects, events, seminars, conferences, interviews with leaders, and attending projects as media, have given me an experience pool, not many people have. Simply because I love learning and continue to sharpen my skills every single day.

I have relevant experience to add value and bring ideas, solutions, new vision and approaches to the table.

Courses: Workshops Done, Certificates Earned…

Creative Selling, Personal Time Control, Skills for Dealing with People, Personal Motivation, Personal Goal Setting, Human Relations, Business + Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Management, Online + Digital Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Media Planning and Relations, Promotions, Event Coordination, Exhibition Management, Project Management, Journalism, Art of Storytelling, How to interview people, SEO Blogging, Building Relationships, Customer Service, User Experiences, Experiential Design and lots more…