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Does the world watch when you move, when you enter a room, when you speak?

Or do you cringe?

There are a number of forces that shape your self-concept and, therefore, impact your health and vitality over time.

Some of these forces come from internal sources, while others come from external sources.

Internal sources include what you think about yourself and how you compare to others, what you pay attention to, how you interpret the events and circumstances of your life, and how you reframe both failure and success.

External sources include the environment you spend most of your time in, your interactions with others, and how other people tend to label you.

Through rejection, judgment, ridicule, and criticism, other people often influence how you feel about yourself, the labels you give yourself, and fundamentally what you believe about yourself, about your own abilities, and the world around you.

All of these internal and external sources have a profound impact …

An unhealthy self-concept can drag you down, limit your opportunities, deny you access to essential resources and opportunities, and undermine your potential.

An unhealthy self-concept implies you have a low value of yourself. And when you have a low self-perceived value, you typically lack the confidence needed to act boldly when interacting with others, and to move steadily in the direction of your goals.

Without self-confidence, you lack the resourcefulness needed to overcome uncertainty, to solve problems, to effectively manage change, and simply just be happy.

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