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Ongoing learning…

Always expanding knowledge to gain new skills and expertise.

Continuous learning, continual learning, constant learning, lifelong learning – whatever you want to call it, is the foundation upon which all RD’s expertise are built.

It supports growth and creates opportunities in many different ways.

Staying competitive in today’s global marketplace means that you need to be innovative, adaptive, and ever-growing.

To innovate, to try a new process, or to do something new all requires learning to see things in a new light and take that next leap.

Four reasons why it’s important:

  1. Knowledge is power – The more you know and the more you can do, the more you can contribute.
  2. Top Performer – Developing new skills and knowledge can increase personal performance or competence.
  3. Personal enrichment – Often a person’s interests extend beyond the work done on a daily basis. Pursuing other interests can lead to insight and developments that open the door to new, future opportunities.
  4. Stay marketable – Staying current in the trends and advances of a profession can help you stay marketable should anything change.