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Content is branding: Your content is your emotional DNA. It’s how you position yourself in your market. It’s your top selling points and your key messaging. Good content makes you instantly recognisable from your competitors. Almost anyone can write the 5Ws of who you are. But a skilled content writer can make sure your voice is recognisable in the dark to your target audience.

Content is user experience (partly): Content guides the user experience. Your site hierarchy, how things fall, how they’re described and how a user is pointed from Point A to Point B is influenced by the content on your channels. It doesn’t matter how your website looks, or how great the technology is behind it, if it is not functional to a real user.

Content is a sales/upselling tool: One of the most obvious things content does is educate. It educates the consumer not only about how your product/service can help them today, but how it can help them in the future, when the time comes, and when their needs change. Good content is an evergreen resource to show them how to do X, how to accomplish Y and how to upgrade to Z as their business or need grows.

Content provides answers: Good content keeps your sales team off the phone, and your customer support team out of their email, when customers can solve their own problems with resources that already exist.

Content helps conversions: Content isn’t just about the words on your page. Content is about the action those words inspire. By investing in content, you set your site up for success by writing stronger, emotion-backed calls to action; by removing conversion roadblocks like excess links or images that distract; by naming buttons, tabs and fields appropriately; by building customer confidence with clear benefit statements and value propositions and by removing friction from the conversion process.