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Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

Redirecting marketing budget investments to where they will do the most good…

RD derives a comprehensive marketing solution specifically designed to ensure that all messaging and communication strategies are unified across all channels and strategically focused on attracting customers.

What is IMC?

IMC is the management and organisation of all ‘agents’ in the research, analysis, planning, implementation, control and monitoring of all marketing and communication efforts, including media channels, messages, content and promotional tools – focused at selected target audiences – in such a way as to derive the greatest impact, enhancement and coherence to achieve predetermined objectives.

It is most useful when you want to integrate all the various elements of the marketing mix into one smooth and flowing, consistent operation to maximise competitive advantage for your brand and products or services.

IMC is imperative in order to remain competitive in the market place, and to successfully promote your company, its brands, products and services in an integrated approach – speaking with one voice, consistently across all mediums and channels with the maximum reach, frequently, over a long period of time.

RD takes a big picture view of the integrated marketing process combined with detail-oriented execution.

As a strategist (responsible for formulating and implementing a strategy) RD sets goals, determines actions to achieve these goals, and mobilise resources to execute the actions – describing how the ends will be achieved by the means.

Apart from the obvious steps aforementioned, RD interviews your executives, employees, customers and other key stakeholders to get a clearer picture of your brand before delivering a strategy.

By incorporating all metrics, RD develops a creative brief that ensures objective criteria is established and agreed upon to guide the brand strategy, creative processes, ideas and concepts, advertising, content development, and calls to actions that resonate with your target audiences.

RD’s practice areas are built around core industry expertise which allow for building deep industry relationships and knowledge, identifying consumer problems and market or content gaps for disruption.

A coherent IMC plan includes all marketing related functions, integrating all the elements and promotional tools, so that they work together in harmony –

This includes everything in the marketing mix: Digital, Social, Traditional, Public Relations, Reputation Management, Advertising and Direct Sales…

Today’s consumer can find anything at the touch of a finger. By failing to connect with and captivate this virtual audience, many enterprises are sailing against the wind.

Without the correct combination of marketing strategies, tools, and technology, your business will not able to find potential clients, more importantly, they wont find you.

A successful business requires a brand that speaks to its target markets, content that successfully generates potential clients and a level of service that listens to customers’ demands, all within ever diminishing budget constraints.

RD tailor designs IMC strategies that are aligned with strategic positioning, competitive advantages and specific goals of individual clients.