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The concept in a nutshell: private sector destination marketing initiatives, promoting specific destinations and Their attractions, showcasing experiences not found in other locations in order to compete in a global marketplace.

Destination marketing is marketing that promotes a certain location or destination (country, region, town, city) with a purpose to increase the number of visitors. 

Unlike product marketing, where the products are delivered to customers through distribution channels, in destination marketing consumers travel to the destinations. 

Which means, the way in which destinations are presented, should have such a strong appeal and attraction that people will go out of their way to go and experience it, making an effort in arranging a special trip to a place they would normally not be going to.

The publisher’s strategy is to use a print magazine as anchor to generate more awareness to a region, augmented with a digital magazine version on online stands, a Facebook page and Youtube channel accessible on mobile, iPad and desktop devices.

The magazines almost serve as a travel guide, mixed with travel literature. It’s easy to read and understand, have lots of interesting, captivating feature articles, experiences, ideas for things to do and places to see, and other travel important information with super secret ‘locals only’ advice addressing the triple bottom line (planet, people, profit) and the 4Cs (conservation, community, culture and commerce).

Although still a very fresh and young project innovation, the creators, publishers and partners have, accumulatively, over 110 years of experience in travel, tourism, public relations, publishing, journalism, broadcast, social and digital multimedia platforms – with vast expertise in conceptualisation, content development, production and distribution.