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Case Studies

In the past I took time out to write case studies so new clients could sample some of the work I did for other clients. 

But seriously the clients I did work for are just too many, and drafting a study on all of them really takes a lot of time, plus sometimes it’s not even related to what the new client wants done. So how could a past project for one client with unique objectives be of any use to other clients with different needs and objectives.

So here’s what I propose, if you’re not sure yet of my capabilities, why not give me a hypothetical situation so I can prepare a proposal on the approach I would take on the project.

Typically you would brief it like this:

  • Project, what you need done
  • The problem you want to solve
  • The outcomes, goals and objectives wanted
  • Current situation analysis 

Which after I would draft:

  • Possible solutions
  • Strategy planning 
  • Tactics to implement strategies
  • Tools I would use, technical, and otherwise
  • Projected results