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RD consults on all aspects of business development:

  • Startup – brick and mortar or online (environment, location, systems, processes, operations, product and service design, supply chain, finance, human resources, management)
  • Development and Growth (marketing, public relations, sales, customer relations, stakeholder relations, product and service optimisation)
  • Advise on how to save a business from declining (research, investigate, analyse, report)
  • Determine the current health and value of the business for obtaining investment or possible sell (research, investigate, analyse, report)
  • Business turnaround (implement strategies and solutions for swift recovery)
  • Taking brick and mortar business online
  • Turn ordinary brand into a luxury brand
  • Business rescue (from total decline, closing or bankruptcy – implement strategies and solutions for swift recovery)
  • When wanting to sell, determine its true- and potential sales value before setting a market price and getting a broker (preparing all documents and marketing material collateral) 
  • Selling the business through a well-established and reputed broker who helps you communicate the existing and potential value of your business to buyers and conclude the deal
  • Use only dedicated and highly trained and experienced business brokers that specialise in your particular industry