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The purpose of advertising is … to match what customers need (to solve their problems or make their lives easier or better), or want (gratification reasons) –  with your brand, product or service solutions, presented in the most likely mediums they would use throughout the day, and which speaks to the most effective ways in how they make decisions to purchase.

RD brings the focus, insight and urgency needed to boost brand awareness across the entire advertising media channel mix with the widest target audience reach possible.

RD focuses on the way that organisations have to communicate with current or prospective consumers and understands target audiences, consumer behaviour and trends.

Effective advertising solutions are recommended based on business objectives, market research, scientific understanding of consumer behaviour, technology, and algorithms.

RD takes an integrated, all inclusive approach and develop strategies to deploy advertising campaigns across a wide advertising media network…

The number of advertising channels has grown with the advent of internet technology to embellish (definitely not replace) traditional media advertising. 

As a result, television, radio, print and out of home advertising are now used in conjunction with digital technology-based advertising.

  • For instance, a billboard advert interacting with mobile phones using SMS messaging and Bluetooth with audience in their vehicles, immediately directing them to an online offer or a mobile app which they can download and use instantly while on the road…
  • Or a magazine advert with a QR code taken with their phone to an offer on a website…

Marketers generally choose advertising mediums for the markets they speak to – those that would provide the most effective and desired response from their target audience…. within a certain budget – finding the most cost effective way to reach as many of them as possible, as often as possible.

RD helps businesses derive strategies to penetrate all advertising mediums:…

  • Broadcast (TV, Radio)
  • Print (Magazine, Newspaper) 
  • Out of Home (Billboards, Electronic + Digital Billboards, Posters, Furniture, Bus Stops, Transit, Sport Stadiums, Golf Courses, Aerial, Hologram)
  • Digital (Search Engine, Website, Email, Youtube, Podcast) 
  • Mobile (SMS, WeChat, WhatsApp, iBeacon)
  • Social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
  • Live (Events, Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Roadshows, Sponsorships, Brand Entertainment/Experience)
  • Cinema
  • Product Placements
  • Direct (Mail, Brochure, Catalogue, Portfolio, Packaging, Flyer)
  • Retail Media
  • Corporate Identity (Signage, Promotional items (novelties), Point Of Sale, Event Branding)

Service delivery includes the following:

  • Media strategy and planning (considering your target market, match media audience profiles, maximum reach, distribution, impact, effectiveness, audience engagement, and deliverance within a budget)
  • Negotiating and buying (Advertising discounts, and free PR or editorial credits, space, or time)
  • Creative direction, development and production
  • Dispatch, Placements and Implementation
  • Direct contact with media owners during campaigns
  • Monitor, Measure, Analyse, Evaluate, Report 
  • Provides Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
  • Provides Market Intelligence that inform future campaigns based on previous results