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Achiever and Activator

Rizél has strong inner discipline, focus and drive – an innate source of intensity, energy, and power that enable her to push hard to get things done. As a result, she often sets the pace and defines productivity levels for people who work with her (which can be demanding at times) – but always achieve objectives with meaningful outcomes.

Rizél can naturally see how to turn ideas into action after systematically evaluating different scenarios and considering all the obstacles. As a result, she makes things happen with contagious and engaging energy. If you have an important project that needs a jumpstart and instant momentum – she’s the one to contract.


Easily relate with all types of personalities and characters, able to form close and trusting relationships with time. More interested in the character and personality of others than in their status or job title. 

Eager to serve as mentor, and help colleagues perform better, be successful and feel fulfilled. Give honest feedback and encourage achievement by pointing out more or better options.

Create opportunities to cultivate strong, long-lasting connections.