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About Author Rizél Delano

With 30-year research and insights from mythology, history, science, biology, and psychology, author, storyteller and communications expert R.Delano takes readers into a fascinating world of challenges and opportunity, masterfully portrayed in captivating, entertaining books.

With a reputable 30-year background in Consulting on Communications, Leadership, Marketing Management, Public Relations, Journalism, Publishing, Producing, Product Development and Content Direction, R.Delano has grown in tandem with rapidly changing times to stay relevant in various sectors of the economy, with a plethora of pertinent skills learnt along the way.

R.Delano pulls from the most brilliant minds and cutting edge science-backed research and numerous interviews with some of the world’s most prominent achievers to bring you vital, potentially life changing information. 

A critical thinker with well-developed skills of: close observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, inference, explanation, problem solving, and decision making – analyse all  information objectively and make a reasoned judgment on findings in order to develop solutions.

R.Delano is totally proficient and uniquely qualified in providing advice on leadership, thought leadership, ethics, morals, image, reputation, crisis resolutions, authenticity, congruency, self-management, self-esteem, relationships, courage, influence, personal growth and development, business strategy and strategic thinking (a sure speciality)… and anything involved with managing a personal brand…

These skills were developed over years of investigative journalism, scrutinising facts, and big data interpretation to draw reasonable conclusions from the information and discriminate between useful and less useful details. 

Apart from making excellent conversation and debating on many topics through writing, R.Delano quickly sorts through the clutter and finds the best routes and outcomes for any project with strategic thought. Being strategic is not a skill that can be taught. It’s a distinct way of thinking, a special perspective on the world at large, which is what makes R.Delano such a diverse author with written works in various genres and dominions: business, creative, and fiction.

R.Delano works with deep morals and ethics, values a good image and reputation – has deeply rooted values, beliefs and principles – and can interpret the insights from previous experiences upon which to build future excellence, legacy, profit and sustainability.


As an author and writer, read more than 4000 books on personal development, business, achievement, success and then convert that into practical steps in the form of articles, reports, whitepapers and books.

Watched more than 300 documentaries on world issues, social, politics and humanities – interpreting what was observed into possible actions or solutions.


As Leadership Journalist: interviewed some of the best C-Level leaders, achievers and successful entrepreneurs – learning their workable strategies for achieving personal success and greatness while leading their teams to peak performance

As Personal Mentor: guided some of the most prominent professional individuals in overcoming their mental barriers to breakthrough performance

As wife, single-mother, sister, girlfriend: gone though many personal upheavals, challenges, emotional fluctuations – childhood dramas, marriage, divorce, betrayal, birthing children and had to bury one…


As PR Consultant, Communications Expert, and Content Director – discovered what makes great thought leadership and put that into informed content.

As IMC Consultant learned how important it is to have an identity, to have clarity, to have sense of direction, the credentials and the habits.