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  • Operational strategy focuses on: resources, processes, tasks, communication channels, value creation drivers, risks, technology, policies, professional partners, competent people, sequencing of activities, systems and tools.
  • Defines how each part of the project should be organised to deliver the objectives and outcomes wanted, and accordingly selects a winning team of project partners, professionals, experts and specialist to perform each facet of the project plan.
  • Identifies the value drivers of each potential project partner by analysing their own business models to make sure they understand key aspects of the client’s strategy, certifying that they will deliver work of excellence.
  • Leverages core competencies to drive real value by formulating leading-edge, implementable project plans and strategies that result in successful delivery of the desired outcome.
  • With an approach that is grounded in thorough research, analysis and strategic development, in aligning resources, activities and mission-based services with the interests of all stakeholders – capable of delivering exceptional results.
  • Broad insight to develop authentic partnership and the understanding of what resonates with key stakeholders, in that, providing clear channels to drive effective decision-making through program development and management knowledge, delivering long-term business results and social benefits.
  • Believes in the shared responsibility between non-profit organisations, corporate partners and other stakeholders to build uniformed trust, tackle important issues and engage supporters to create collective impacts, building meaningful projects (aligned with the organisation’s goals) and still meet the expectations and needs of that society or market.