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Rizél Delano

Well equipped to tackle a vast range of project endeavours with high demands in various disciplines and sectors.

Rizel Delano assists companies, business owners, and individual professionals to cut through information overload and market noise – and with focused concepts and strategies, implement innovative business models, structures, operations, systems and processes, to deliver clear messaging with definitive CTAs.

RD, pulls from the most brilliant developed minds in relevant industries, and together with deep-dive research reveal vital information for improved strategies, increased business growth and higher profits.

Because effective communication between a business and its publics, has a direct influence and impact on the business’ growth, development and bottomline – RD’s ultimate concern and primary objectives are to map out, design and prescribe best practices for campaigns, projects, content, experiences and products, processes, systems, strategies, and techniques as leading determinants for maximising profit and customer satisfaction.

RD is totally proficient and uniquely qualified in providing advice on leadership, thought leadership, ethics, morals, image, reputation, crisis resolutions, authenticity, congruency, self-management, self-esteem, relationships, courage, influence, personal growth and development, business strategy and strategic thinking… and anything involved with managing a reputable personal brand…

These skills were developed over 30 years of:

  • Investigative journalism, scrutinising facts, and big data interpretation to draw reasonable conclusions from the information and discriminate between useful and less useful details.
  • From consulting with countless corporate clients and influential professional individuals and leaders.
  • And from interviewing some of the great minds in business and leadership across the world for various print and video broadcast platforms.

RD quickly sorts through the clutter and noise and finds the best routes and outcomes for any project with strategic thought. 

Being strategic is not a skill that can be taught. It’s a distinct way of design thinking, a special perspective on the world at large, which is what makes RD such a diverse individual.

RD works with deep morals and ethics, values a good image and reputation that can stand the test of time – has deeply rooted personal values, beliefs and principles – and can interpret the insights from previous experiences upon which to build future excellence, legacy, profit and sustainability.

Currently (year 2021) Rizel focuses mostly on Consulting on Brand Management (Luxury Brands + Destinations + Nations) and is the founder of the Luxury Brand Management And Communications Institute (LBMCI)

Operating in Sectors:

  • Hospitality + Travel + Tourism
  • Destinations: Country + City + Place
  • Fashion
  • Beauty + Health
  • Longevity + Wellbeing
  • Property Development + Real Estate
  • Yachting + Jetting